Dear Chris:

My sincere thanks for your years of caring for Bill. You made our lives so much easier - and I could not have achieved my goal of keeping Bill in his own home without your help.

Bill could not have played all the Wahoo games because I would not have had the time.

All the Wendy's trips - it may be a long time before I can eat there without Bill.

All the trips to Salina when you drove to give me a break.

All the times you altered your scheduled to help us.

I will forever remember your help and caring.




The Lord could have taken Ellis home when he had the stoke May 14, 2014, but He allowed him to live and come home after 2 months where he could teach me how to do many things that he has always done, like figuring the taxes and keeping the needs of the pickup checked out and caring for the animals. He couldn't do them but he told me how to do them, and we had lots of visiting and jokes together those three years. The vertigo problem never allowed him to be able to walk without a walker, but his eyes improved much to the surprise of the doctor so that he could again read the Bible and other books.

My special prayer was that he could be home after his severe dehydration and bladder infection in May, and the Lord worked that out and provided a wonderful night care giver so that he could be turned every two hours by Premier Care. Ellis so enjoyed being home and didn't have the anxiety that he had in the hospital. He was able to visit with friends and family clear up to his last 24 hours. He was in the hospital for 5 days first of August and we brought him home where he could enjoy his last days and I could be with him. God provided good help from neighbors to get him into the wheel chair and back to bed and great help from Nathan Hyde from church to be with Ellis' last hours along Chris Temple of Premier and the wonderful director of Hospice of Salina, Rebecca Hansen, married to classmate of our son Nathan. God worked it all out in His time and loving care.

Thank you,


Donna Adee

My experience has been both positive and enriching.

I employed Premier Home Care, Inc. in August of 2011 to care for my mother and father. Their residence at that time was Eaglecrest Retirement Facility. My mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and my father has Parkinson's and dementia. Both my parents are very proud, independent souls. Chris and his staff were so genuinely caring and compassionate. They were with my parents up to 16 hours per day everyday. They were the main caregivers doing laundry, bathroom care, meal care, housework, and just about anything else they could think of to help with. They are dependable (never missing a day yet), trustworthy and king. They have done many things that needed to be done, yet I have never asked it of them. They just take care of it all.

Any request I made was welcomed. They went above and beyond with everything I asked. They were so gentle, understanding and patient and at the same time allowed my parents to be independent and in control as much as possible. They communicated with my parents so well and at times this could be a challenge.

Numerous times, the staff at Eaglecrest approached me and commented on how well the caregivers were taking care of my parents. They worked well with the staff at Eaglecrest and Presbyterian Manor with the well being of my parents first and foremost.

My mother has passed and now my father is in Presbyterian Manor in health care. However, I continue to employ Premier Home Care, Inc. as the bond with staff and my father is just too strong to break. The staff enjoy and love their job and take care of Dad as if he is their family.

Premier Home Care is what it says - Premier care available with a premier staff.

Shirley B.

Chris Temple of Premier Home Care, Inc. has been providing superlative care for my father, Lloyd for the past year.

He began working for my family when both of my parents began needing extra help in their assisted living facility. My mother developed a heart and lung issue which prevented her from being able to walk or assist my father in any way. Chris helped to monitor my mother's needs, helped keep her safe during the day when she was unable to use the call button, helped assist both my parents in walking to and from the bathrooms and bedrooms, helped my parents at meal time as needed, and helped prepare them for bedtime, including brushing their teeth, dressing and undressing them, and whatever else they needed, including their laundry of all things - he didn't even mind this chore. Chris has also helped bathe, shave and transport my parents to medical and other appointments.

Chris does very well in working with my father to determine what he needs and to help him complete certain tasks. Instead of initially doing the task for my father, he allows my father to attempt the task on his own. He is very patient and loves to see dad doing things on his own. My father even jokes with Chris occasionally and Chris makes sure to tell us about it - it makes Chris and all of us feel good to know that dad still smiles and jokes, even if infrequently.

In spite of my father's limitations, Chris is a saint when working with my dad. The patience, kindness and gentleness that Chris has shown are qualities that are very hard to find. I truly trust dad in his care and know that Chris will do the right thing. I have never heard a harsh word from Chris and have never heard any complaints from either of my parents about Chris. We are grateful for having him in our lives and the lives of our parents.

Donna S.

April 2012

After Bill spent a month in the hospital, we knew we were going to need help at home. A friend recommended Chris. It has worked out very well for us.

Chris is prompt, knowledgeable and careful in the care he provides. He is very thoughtful and friendly. He has become a friend in a short while.

We consider his charges to be very reasonable.

We certainly would recommend Chris to anyone needing help with being able to continue living in their own home or an assisted living situation - rather than having to enter a nursing facility.

Bill & Grace L.

May 2013

CHRIS IS FANTASTIC! He took care of my Mom for 6 months and my Dad for 2 years - he went out of this way to discover what dad liked and enjoyed - and most importantly what made him smile - He read westerns to him - took him on country drives - and much much more. you will never find better care than Chris -I am a medical professional and am very picky about care and he blew me away with his professional, caring ways! thanks Chris! you made my life and dads so much richer.

Shirley B.